Monday, October 10, 2011

Spots and stripes, and a shoe story

We went to The Collective last Saturday to fill ourselves silly with buffalo wings. After that we went around and couldn’t help but admire the graffiti and have our pictures taken.

So this is what I wore:

Yes, that is a Diana Mini hanging around my neck.

I paired my striped blouse with my polka dot skirt. My mom and my aunts disapprove of this outfit since wearing different prints at once is considered a fashion faux pas. But I think they look cute together. The polka dots aren't too big so it balances the boldness of my striped blouse. I do think that this outfit makes me look Parisian chic. Oui oui?

I’ve had these shoes for about three years now. My mom was the first to spot them at the Crocs store in Gateway. When we went there, I saw this pair and immediately ran to look at them and learned that they were the shoes my mom was telling me about. I looked at the tag and gasped: the shoes were named “Lena”. Needless to say, destiny brought us to each other, haha. I’ve worn these shoes during my last years in college, under the sweltering heat and most especially during the rainy days. I was even wearing them when I was forced to wade through the flood made by typhoon Ondoy. Good thing Crocs are made of rubber, so they were easily washed. My tita also said that they were indestructible so I’ll probably still be able to use them until the near future. Let’s see, maybe they’ll even last longer.

A thrifted blouse, a thrifted skirt, my mom's bag, and my Lena crocs

So do you do print on print? What's your favorite print on print combo?

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