Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dark and sweet, and another shoe story

My colleagues and I attended another colleague’s son’s christening last Sunday. The weather was so unpredictable that day so I had to wear my ever so trusty boots. At the same time it was a christening so I had to stay away from black. Here is the result:

An eyelet dress from Divi, tights, and boots from Japan

The boots were given by my mom. She bought them in Japan when she had to attend a workshop/training last March. It was supposedly their last night in Japan when the BIG ONE happened. When I learned of what happened, I thought that it would all be enough that my mom come home safely. I won’t care for the boots and the other pasalubong. But she was calm enough to still remember the boots despite the aftershocks, the delayed flight, and the hurly-burly going to and at the airport, so I treasure them dearly.

Oh, here are some of my colleagues/friends/travel buddies!
This one here is Mia, a photography enthusiast and blogger.

 And this one is the forever young Irene!

I wanna thank them for taking my pictures. <3