Friday, October 14, 2011

Casual Friday

There isn't really a memo regarding Fridays being casual but these colleagues of mine still don't have uniforms (lucky them). I figured it would be a shame to not have their outfit photos taken since what they're wearing are oh-so charming and chic.

This is Leanne. Doesn't her outfit look so chic and fun? I am loving the big polka-dotted bow on her shoulder.

 This is the very pretty but very camera shy Kat. She always looks good in mala Mad Men office wear.

This silly girl is Stoi. I love the pop of color in this ensemble.

And this is Liz (who has a uniform but is not wearing hers, haha). The bohemian print on her blouse is just lovely.

And that's it! I am also not wearing my uniform, but I'll just tell you in another post. :P

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