Thursday, August 23, 2012

Army of Me

Camo! This skirt is one of my favorites. I am thinking of having it altered to make it look more like a pencil skirt. The very feminine cut would heavily contrast the print on the skirt. OH, IDEAS!

top - thrifted, skirt - Artwork, shoes - Asianvogue

pictures taken by Risa

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Love is at your fingertips

As I learned from a fashion and beauty blog called The Beauty Department, inspiration can come from anywhere. I read this post at the perfect time since I was thinking of doing something fun with my nails. I couldn't think of a design, but then it hit me: the perfect design is just sitting in my closet!
And here's my inspiration, a hand-me-down shirt from my cousin. It looks so plain from afar but up close it has the cutest little hearts.
Anyway, here's what I did.

Before applying any color on my nails, I put a base coat. I then applied a white nail polish. I used San San's. It's very opaque. Some people even thought that I just painted my nails with correction fluid.
So after that I prepared the nail polishes which will make up the hearts. I didn't want to use brown like the one in my shirt, so I opted for pink instead. They look like the Powerpuff girls!
Next, I put tiny blobs of the nail colors on a piece of tin foil.
I then dipped a toothpick in a blob of color and put two dots beside each other on my nail. Gently, I dragged those two dots at a 45 degree angle and let them meet at the center. I got this technique from another Beauty Department post.
And here are the results! The hearts aren't uniform and perfect, but I am still proud of what I made.
Do you also do your own nail art? Where do you get inspiration from? :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's about time...

...I showed these pictures. They were taken at the opening of the UAAP games. My boyfriend and I commuted all the way to the Mall of Asia just to support our university's basketball varsity team. However, UST lost that day to FEU (by one point, hay). Still, they played a good game. Bilog lang talaga ang bola. And at least I got to see the new MOA Arena,  bond with my boyfriend, and meet up with our classmate from college.

The only thing in my outfit that's got yellow
on it (the university's color) is my headband

poncho - Market Market, jeans - Dickies, sandals - Payless, bag - my mom's,
headband - a gift: DIY by Carmelle, watch - Swatch, bracelet - a gift

photos taken by Justin