Sunday, August 5, 2012

Love is at your fingertips

As I learned from a fashion and beauty blog called The Beauty Department, inspiration can come from anywhere. I read this post at the perfect time since I was thinking of doing something fun with my nails. I couldn't think of a design, but then it hit me: the perfect design is just sitting in my closet!
And here's my inspiration, a hand-me-down shirt from my cousin. It looks so plain from afar but up close it has the cutest little hearts.
Anyway, here's what I did.

Before applying any color on my nails, I put a base coat. I then applied a white nail polish. I used San San's. It's very opaque. Some people even thought that I just painted my nails with correction fluid.
So after that I prepared the nail polishes which will make up the hearts. I didn't want to use brown like the one in my shirt, so I opted for pink instead. They look like the Powerpuff girls!
Next, I put tiny blobs of the nail colors on a piece of tin foil.
I then dipped a toothpick in a blob of color and put two dots beside each other on my nail. Gently, I dragged those two dots at a 45 degree angle and let them meet at the center. I got this technique from another Beauty Department post.
And here are the results! The hearts aren't uniform and perfect, but I am still proud of what I made.
Do you also do your own nail art? Where do you get inspiration from? :)

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