Sunday, February 5, 2012

And I say hello

On this quiet Sunday night I am going to take the opportunity to catch up on some blogging. I’ve been gone for more than a month. Whew! I shall keep my reasons for not being able to blog to myself, though. Hi hi! Anyway here are a few updates on what has been happening to my 2012, style-wise.

1. Before 2011 ended I got myself a pair of shoes from Asianvogue. I’ve been getting acquainted with this pair but only managed to take shots for one particular outfit. I wore this at the office when we were allowed to wear anything but the uniform.

beanie - a gift, shirt - a gift, dress - tiangge, shoes - Asianvogue

I do love them! They might look painful and difficult to maneuver but I once wore them through a one hour mass without sitting down. The platforms make them quite comfortable.
2. A fortune cookie once told me “A refreshing change is in your future.” I’m not one to disagree with a fortune cookie so mid-January, I got a perm. The big waves are perfect for the beach. I just hope they don’t get too straight before summer comes.

jacket - Market Market, shirt - Artwork, shorts - tiangge, shoes - Converse

These were taken when my cousin and some of her classmates asked me again to be their subject for a photography class project. Happy to oblige!
3. I just watched the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yesterday! I’m actually a big fan of the Millennium book series. So what’s its connection to me style-wise? Nothing perhaps, but I love Lisbeth Salander and I love Rooney Mara (as I’ve mentioned before in my other blog). I wish I can dress as wicked as Lisbeth in the movie and as chic as Rooney in real life.

If only I can walk the streets of Manila dressed like this
she looks like she's wearing a Filipiniana

My sense of style has become quite random, no?

Photos by my cousin Nerisa and her classmate Karyl.