Thursday, May 31, 2012

ROMWE Giveaway x The Capricious Club

ROMWE has come up with another special giveaway where one can win a cute shift dress, $50 worth of store credit, and a SURPRISE gift. Simply head on over to the Capricious Club to join and see the other details. :D

Ancient Walls and Lush Greens

These were taken when I visited my alma mater in Manila. Our university is pretty old, hence the title.

denim blouse - thrifted, tank top - random, skirt - a gift, 
Chucks - Converse, bag - SM, necklace - Papelmeroti

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gradient Nails

It's apparent that my cousins and I are so into nail polish and nail art. One rainy Saturday morning, we tried doing gradient nails. The results are just lovely.

Risa with her sunset nails

Denise featuring her two-tone soda nails

And yours truly with what I call my under the sea nails

The process is really easy. All you need is a small piece of dishwahing or make up sponge, and two nail polish colors. Use the lighter nail polish as your base, then pour a little of the two colors beside each other on a piece of plastic or aluminum foil. Stamp the colors on your nails using the sponge, et voila, you have gradient nails.

For a more detailed tutorial, here's one from the Nailasaurus.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Here I am, pretending that it's super cold but in reality, it is just as humid as any summer day.

The beanie/beret is a gift from my boyfriend. Every time he goes to Baguio he brings home one for me. He's the sweetest! At present I now have three of these hats.

cardigan - divi, mini dress (used as a top) - divi, leggings - a gift, 
beanie/beret - a gift: from Baguio, shoes - "Lena" Crocs

Thanks to Mia and Laura for the pictures! :D

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rebel Librarian

When I wore this outfit, I felt like a rebel but my friends kept calling me a librarian. Oh well. 

The glasses, by the way, were a necessity. My eyes were irritated and I am not allowed to wear my contact lens until the end of the month. Wearing glasses has its perks, actually. It saves up a lot of time.

jacket - Market Market, top - Artwork, skirt - my mom's,
ring - Everything 99, cuff - 10 peso store
shoes - Payless ShoeSource/ DIY

I decorated these shoes by the way. I found a tutorial from Rookie on how to DIY glitter shoes and thought that it was a really fun thing to do, so here they are. They don't look like much but they're better looking in person. I made a short film on how to make glitter shoes which I'll post one of these days. It's not really a tutorial but more like a video about boredom. You'll see!

A big shout out to Neil for taking these photos! :D

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Into the Light

You may wonder why I'm looking so down in this picture, but it's only me trying to fit myself in the frame of the camera. Haha! I don't usually use my camera's timer, but I had to when I took these photos.

See, I'm smiling here :)

dress - custom made, jacket - thrifted, shoes - Folded & Hung
For the last photo, thankfully my mom was there to take it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flowers on my fingernails

Lemme just share these with you quickly.

Our Japanese family friend, Non, came from a shopping spree in Divisoria and bought me and my cousins these cool nail polish strips! I’m sorry if I don’t have photos of the strips before we excitedly tore them from the packaging and cut them up, but here are the end results.

My youngest cousin (who went also in the shopping spree) said that four packs of strips cost a hundred pesos, but then the saleslady just sold them five for a hundred. That’s like 20 pesos for a manicure and nail art session!

you can see my nails growing, eep!
Putting it on was a bit stressful, but with a little help from my cousins and a LOT of patience, it turned out well. :)

The strips come in a variety of designs. If you ever get by these nail polish strips, I recommend you choose the ones with the complex designs, those that will be really difficult to pull off with plain nail polish.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Sea of Green

It definitely is something to capture nautical elements in a sea of green rather than amidst a real sea. Haha!

These photos are probably a month old, taken during the cooler days of summer. See, I even braved the summer sun by wearing a long sleeved shirt. The skirt makes the outfit more bearable because of its airiness.
The skirt, by the way, used to be my mom's. She was cleaning out her closet and lucky me saw it. I fell in love with it the moment I saw the gold buttons.

It's sometimes great to receive hand-me-downs, don't you think? :D

top - thrifted, skirt - my mom's closet, shoes - Asianvogue,
hat - divi, text ring - Everything 99