Monday, May 21, 2012

Rebel Librarian

When I wore this outfit, I felt like a rebel but my friends kept calling me a librarian. Oh well. 

The glasses, by the way, were a necessity. My eyes were irritated and I am not allowed to wear my contact lens until the end of the month. Wearing glasses has its perks, actually. It saves up a lot of time.

jacket - Market Market, top - Artwork, skirt - my mom's,
ring - Everything 99, cuff - 10 peso store
shoes - Payless ShoeSource/ DIY

I decorated these shoes by the way. I found a tutorial from Rookie on how to DIY glitter shoes and thought that it was a really fun thing to do, so here they are. They don't look like much but they're better looking in person. I made a short film on how to make glitter shoes which I'll post one of these days. It's not really a tutorial but more like a video about boredom. You'll see!

A big shout out to Neil for taking these photos! :D


  1. great outfit! great post! great blog!
    keep it up, lena! :)

  2. thank you for the kind words! and thank you for taking the photos. :D