Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The first time I wore this dress, someone commented that I looked like a pineapple. I wasn't really offended by that person's comment. In fact I was amused with the thought of looking like a pineapple. The next time I wear this dress I'm gonna put my hair up in a (spiky) bun to make it look more convincing.

I think this dress makes me look like a real dalagang Filipina
dress - divi (I think), shoes - thrifted

photos taken by Justin

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Red Hat

Since May, I've been on a search for a cloche hat. I scoured stores, stalls, and of course, the ever trusty thrift shops, but I never found one. Not a surprise though. Since the Philippines has only two seasons, the hats that I usually see around are either big straw ones for the sunny days or knitted beanies for the rainy days. There was really nothing I could do but hope that someone would think of bringing back the hats of the 20's. Even if it's just the hats.

And someone did think of it. So whoever you are, thank you. I will forever cherish this red cloche hat. <3

blouse - a gift, skirt - thrifted, cloche hat - SM, shoes - thrifted
photos taken by Neil

Thursday, July 19, 2012

In Love

One thing I love about shooting with film is that you don't know what you're going to expect after each roll is finished. Yes some of the pictures turn out wonky, with underexposed faces and failed multiple exposures. But every roll has that shot which you've thought a hundred times how it's gonna look once developed, and once you see that it turned out how you imagined it to be, you're gonna love the process all over again. 

dress - thrifted

photos taken by Justin

To see the rest of the album and more film photos, please do visit my lomohome. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Green Dress and The Spider

This green dress is my (and my boyfriend's) absolute favorite. Whenever I'd be too lazy to think of something to wear, I'd ask him and he would eagerly say, "green dress, green dress!" Last Saturday was one of those days and I was happy to put on the green dress.

Getting all matchy-matchy with the background.

green dress - tiangge, ankle-strap shoes - Ferretti, bag - a gift
spidey tattoo - free (wala lang!)

Here's a close up of my temporary spidey tattoo. We watched the Amazing Spider-man last Saturday and I just wanted to wear this. It was my favorite accessory for the day and it made me feel like a kid, haha. 

photos taken by Justin

By the way, have you seen the movie? Andrew Garfield was great playing the web-slinger and he's just so cute. Hay, it should be nice to be an Emma Stone.

photo from

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Where's Waldo?

All around Baguio!

(WARNING: Photo dump ahead.)

First stop was the BenCab Museum for some culture and lunch.

Second stop is the Tamawan Village where we gave up on the steep stone stairs, and where I met a really friendly posing cat.

Then we went to the Easter Weaving School. It was amazing to see the process on weaving fabric.

And our last stop was the Pink Sisters chapel to give our thanks and to have taho.

photos taken by my aunt


So after breakfast, we freshened up a bit and then rode on a van to explore Baguio. But before I get to that in a separate post, here's what I wore:

The problem with sporadic posts is that a piece of clothing can make another reappearance just after a few posts ago. But that just goes to show how much I love it, as I've said before. :)

And if I do say so myself, this is just the right outfit, AND the perfect day, when exploring Baguio.
shirt - thrifted, pants - thrifted, boots - a gift: from Japan

photos taken by my aunt

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunlight, oh Sunlight

My lovely aunties, nanay, and I went to Baguio last weekend for a three-day bonding session. It was so fun and all we did was eat, reminisce, laugh, and take pictures. More memories were made during those three days.

So here I am upon arriving at The Suites at Camp John Hay. We arrived in Baguio just as the sun was rising, and the view--pink-orange tinged clouds, the sun's rays peeking through them--was just breathtaking. Anyway, the coat I am wearing below was thrifted from Baguio by my boyfriend for me, with a little help from his girl cousins. It is my absolute favorite coat and it kept me warm during the midnight trip.

This is the lobby of The Suites. It's just newly made so the rooms still smell of fresh paint. We stayed there during the first day, then moved to the Manor during the second day.

My two aunts and their matching jackets

The egg station at the Le Chef breakfast buffet

inner shirt - hand-me-down, knitted pea coat - a gift: from Baguio,
beret - a gift: from Baguio, jeans - divi, boots - a gift: from Japan 

 More Baguio pics to come!