Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunlight, oh Sunlight

My lovely aunties, nanay, and I went to Baguio last weekend for a three-day bonding session. It was so fun and all we did was eat, reminisce, laugh, and take pictures. More memories were made during those three days.

So here I am upon arriving at The Suites at Camp John Hay. We arrived in Baguio just as the sun was rising, and the view--pink-orange tinged clouds, the sun's rays peeking through them--was just breathtaking. Anyway, the coat I am wearing below was thrifted from Baguio by my boyfriend for me, with a little help from his girl cousins. It is my absolute favorite coat and it kept me warm during the midnight trip.

This is the lobby of The Suites. It's just newly made so the rooms still smell of fresh paint. We stayed there during the first day, then moved to the Manor during the second day.

My two aunts and their matching jackets

The egg station at the Le Chef breakfast buffet

inner shirt - hand-me-down, knitted pea coat - a gift: from Baguio,
beret - a gift: from Baguio, jeans - divi, boots - a gift: from Japan 

 More Baguio pics to come!

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