Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Red Hat

Since May, I've been on a search for a cloche hat. I scoured stores, stalls, and of course, the ever trusty thrift shops, but I never found one. Not a surprise though. Since the Philippines has only two seasons, the hats that I usually see around are either big straw ones for the sunny days or knitted beanies for the rainy days. There was really nothing I could do but hope that someone would think of bringing back the hats of the 20's. Even if it's just the hats.

And someone did think of it. So whoever you are, thank you. I will forever cherish this red cloche hat. <3

blouse - a gift, skirt - thrifted, cloche hat - SM, shoes - thrifted
photos taken by Neil


  1. OMG I love your hat!!!! Is that from sm mega mall? I really want to buy one :)

    1. Hi Maria! I bought the hat in SM North, but I think you would also find one in Megamall. It's in the accessories section of the department store. :)