Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Randomness on a Sunday

My boyfriend and I watched Ligo n U, Lapit na Me (Star-Crossed Love) at Gateway last Sunday. The movie was just ok, but I really loved the performances of the actors. And anyway, who could resist Mercedes Cabral? I think I was just as excited as my boyfriend to see her in the movie.

We were the first ones inside the cinema (not because of excitement, but because we just wanted to sit down) so I took the chance to have my picture taken while there were no prying eyes. I was going for the 50’s-60’s look with the Capri pants.

of course he had to have his taken, too
After the movie my boyfriend took me by the hand and led me towards Timezone. He pointed on the Mini Rider, a 2-seater motion simulator that we have always wanted to try. The ride costs a hundred pesos. I told him that we’ll just split it so that it won’t seem that expensive, haha.

Upon entering the ride, there’s a screen with the directions to put the seatbelts on. We struggled a bit with our seatbelts, not really knowing whose was whose. After we put it on, though, the screen automatically showed us the four ride films we could choose from. My boyfriend was really eager to watch Superstition so I gave in.

We didn’t know where to go from there so we kept on walking and walking around Gateway, going window shopping. I kept on ogling at shoes but I told him to stop me from buying anything since I’m on a shopping ban for well…at least till the next pay day. We had nothing else in mind to do so we just rode the shuttle going to Ali Mall (where there are more shoes to tempt me).

When all else fails, eat! We went to RaiRai Ken since I was craving for salmon sashimi and he was craving for seafood ramen. In the end though, I ordered a Kani salad.

yummy, yummy Kani salad
seafood hotpot ramen, 50% off when you buy gyoza

And again...

yellow cardigan - thrifted,white shirt (flipped) - Jockey, Capri pants - thrifted,
flats - Payless ShoeSource, bag - my mom's

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