Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hallo there!

I’ve gone to schools where uniforms are required. From nursery until college I spent my days walking in white blouses, blue skirts and jumper dresses, and black leather shoes of course (now that I think about it all of my uniforms were just variations of blue and white pieces). It was very limiting to the imagination but there wasn’t a choice back then but to get used to the fact that I had to wear uniforms.

So when I finally graduated from college and landed my first job, you could only imagine my thrill for finally having the freedom to wear anything that I want. But I learned though that I haven’t really eluded uniforms since after the regularization period every employee has to wear a uniform. Sigh. At least I had a few months to experiment and have fun with dressing up despite HR’s strict rules on corporate attire. Closed shoes were a must (meaning peep toe shoes weren’t allowed) and I would go to work in my not-so-corporate boots. I would receive stares from some officemates and even some people from the HR department, who fortunately didn’t question me on my choice of wearing a dress with brown knee high boots.

As of this writing, I am now in my uniform. I regret not having started this blog sooner, when I was still free to plan work outfits. Nonetheless, there are still those significant events, those weekends, those holidays, where I can still experiment with the skirt that will go with that shirt, or with the bag that will go with that dress. And I’m looking forward to those out of uniform days.

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