Thursday, November 24, 2011

In Uniform

I realize that I still haven’t shown you my uniform. Well, here it is…all covered up with my loooong "jacket". And I’m even wearing my beanie to make it look more casual, ha ha. I can’t help it, this beanie/beret is just one of my most favorite items. I even wore it to a gig once since it makes me feel less nervous when I have it on while singing. Anyway, I’ve had this beanie/beret since last Christmas but because the weather is only getting colder again (hallelujah!) these past few days, it’s just making its comeback.

The guy I’m with, by the way, is Chris, my office sibling. He’s one of the happiest people here in our office and look it, we’re both wearing our beanies! 

 OK, now you see our uniforms :P

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