Monday, November 14, 2011

A girl with a short skirt and a looooooooooong jacket

I wore this a week ago when I had to go to work during a holiday. And I just have to say that I was very eager to go to work even though it meant sacrificing a day where I could just spend it at home watching television or reading (aka lounging around). It was a chance to dress up so dress up I did.

Technically what I'm wearing here isn't really a short skirt, it's a dress. And I don't even know if my outerwear is really a jacket, a cape, or whatever. It might even be a dress, as my mom believed it was when she bought it. But whatever it is, I just love its bright pink color and how easily it "goes with the flow". :))

dress - from my childhood, looong jacket/cardigan - Okasyon, 
boots - a gift: from Japan, necklace - a gift: Papemelroti

That's it! Thanks to my boss for taking the photos, hihi. Gotta get back to work. :D

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