Sunday, October 7, 2012

Take a Peek

Do come in and take a peek.

With Tin once again.

dress - thrifted, cardigan - Okasyon, shoes - Asian Vogue, neckpiece - SM

I'm truly blessed to be working in a company filled with such wonderful talented people. Aside from editors, educators, and illustrators I also have colleagues who are musicians, makeup artists, nail art enthusiasts, writers, and photographers on the side. It's nice to be surrounded with such people because I get to learn so much from them. My colleagues--or more appropriately, my friends--certainly makes going to work much more exciting.

Anyway as I've mentioned, I have colleagues who are very much into photography. Their passion for the craft is just so great that they've decided to start PEEKXEL, a production company which offers affordable yet quality photo and video services. It was founded by Neil Dalanon and Loreto Capucao and I could personally attest to how beautiful the photos they take and the videos they make turn out to be. They cater to different events such as weddings, debuts and christenings but they're also trying out fashion photography and portraiture. The photos above are just one part of a PEEKXEL photoshoot that I tried to model modeled for. Haha.

For more information do visit the PEEKXEL website at And while you're at it, like PEEKXEL on facebook.


  1. Hi, Lena! Thank you sooooo much for featuring our team on your blog. You did model like a pro! Hehe. Kelan ang next photo shoot? :)

  2. I love the first Pic! :)