Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blue Moon

My mom and I went to a little spa place called La Vie inside Victoria Towers in Timog and each had foot spas. It was truly a nice experience as our masseusses were very gentle on our feet. One thing that made me really happy, though, is their selection of nail polish. I now have the color of ruby slippers on my toenails and I can't help but think of The Wizard of Oz every time I look at my feet.

Anyway, after our pampering session, I saw an Everything 99 (its real name) shop and immediately made a beeline toward the store. The items inside didn't look like cheap overruns, unlike in some of the similar "Everything insert-price-here Stores". There were even clothes and belts and bangles of every size and color. I couldn't resist rifling through them all.

The frustration of not being able to choose which one to buy made me slowly realize that I didn't really need a new stack of bracelets or a new headband. I was ready to leave the store until a box full of shiny things caught my eye. Rings!

My heart excitedly leapt at the sight of this ring. I had seen it before at an online store and had wanted to buy it, but forgetfulness got the better of me. I knew I had to buy it this time so I asked the saleslady if a ring also cost 99 pesos. She told me it was only 50 pesos as the rings were on sale. GASP!

Here is another ring that I purchased. Total damage for the two rings: 99 pesos. *O yeah, o yeah*

The title by the way is a reference to the rarity of my posts (which is terrible of me, I guiltily admit), but also because of the appearance of the full moon tonight. Does it look a lot bigger than usual, or is it just me?

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